delivery fee
please inquire about a delivery fee
to your location
servers & bartenders 30 / hour
event manager 40 / hour
an event manager is required for
events with 200 or more guests
on-site chef 45 / hour
labor hours include loading, travel, & setup time,
plus event service & clean up time

all caterings will have an added 18% service charge
small serves 12-15 / large serves 25-30

serve as starters or a tapas-style meal
priced per piece / minimum of 12
sambousak $3
deep fried meat pie filled with ground beef, onions,
almonds, & spices
kibbeh $3
fried beef croquet made from bulgur wheat, ground beef, almonds, & onions
three-cheese pie $3 v
open-faced pie with mozzarella, feta, & lebneh filling
za’atar sfeeha $3 v, vg
thyme, sumac, sesame seed, & olive oil baked on flat bread
meat sfeeha $3
a ground beef pie mixture with tomato, onion, parsley,
& seven spice
fatayer spinach $3 v, vg
small savory pie baked with spinach, onion, & sumac
stuffed grape leaves $.90 v, vg
parsley, onion, tomato, bulgur wheat, & rice rolled
in a grape leaf
stuffed grape leaves with meat $.90 gf
ground beef, parsley, rice, garlic, & mixed spices rolled
in a grape leaf
falafel $1.25 v, vg
deep fried patties of garbanzo & fava beans mixed
with garlic, cilantro, parsley, & spices

served with fresh grilled pita bread, sm / lg
homous $38 / $72 v, vg, gf
dip of garbanzo beans, fresh garlic, tahini, & lemon juice
baba ghanouj $42 / $80 v, vg, gf
dip of fire-roasted eggplant, fresh garlic, tahini, & lemon juice
labneh $48 / $92 v, gf
creamy yogurt cheese served with olives, mint,
sliced cucumbers, & tomatoes
veggie kibbeh $48 / $92 v, vg
vegan pâté made from tomato, onion, potato, bulgur wheat,
basil, & mint
arnabeet $45 / $86 v, vg, gf
flash fried cauliflower florets
cheese & olive platter $56 / $110 v, gf
halloumi, string cheese, kashkaval, & feta served with olives,
mint, sliced cucumbers & tomatoes
pickle & olive platter $45 / $86 v, vg, gf
assorted olives & house giardiniera-style pickled vegetables

choose from a variety of our signature fresh salads
lebanese salad $52 v, vg, gf
sliced tomato, cucumber, italian parsley, mint, & onion,
dressed with lemon juice & olive oil
mediterranean mac & cheese salad $60 v
macaroni, feta cheese, lebneh, yogurt, mayonnaise,
& fresh spinach
fatoush $58 v, vg
spring mix, cherry tomato, radish, red bell pepper, green onion, cucumber, parsley, fresh mint, sumac & pita chips, scratch dressing of seven spice, lemon juice, & olive oil
tabouli salad $58 v, vg
parsley, tomato, bulgur wheat, mint, & green onion,
lemon juice & olive oil
fava-garbanzo salad $56 v, vg, gf
fava, garbanzo, & white kidney beans, red onion, green onion, roasted red pepper, parsley, & garlic mixed with lemon, lime,
& olive oil
greek salad $52 v, gf
leaf lettuce, tomato, cucumber, feta cheese, kalamata olives,
& house red wine vinaigrette

compliment & supplement your menu, sm / lg
moujadra (lentil pilaf ) $52 / $98 v, vg, gf
brown lentils cooked with basmati rice & olive oil.
garnished with caramelized onion
grilled veggies $48 / $92 v, vg, gf
mixed vegetables such as various squash, bell pepper,
onion, mushroom, & tomato
basmati rice $32 / $66 v, vg, gf
seasoned with chef’s seven-spice
fruit tray $52 / $98 v, vg, gf
mix of seasonal fruits
vegetable tray $42 / $80 v, vg, gf
mix of raw vegetables cut for dipping
gf pita $2 ea v, gf

classic lebanese comfort food & signature dishes, sm / lg
lamb shawarma $78 / $148 gf
marinated sliced lamb & yellow onion
served over basmati rice
chicken shawarma $68 / $130 gf
marinated sliced chicken & yellow onion
served over basmati rice
tajen salmon $98 / $186 gf
boneless salmon fillet served in a lemony tahini sauce. garnished with caramelized onions, mint, & roasted almonds
kousa $62 / $116 v, vg, gf
a squash medley cooked in a mint tomato broth with sautéed onion, fresh garlic, lemon juice, & aleppo pepper
dajaj over rice $68 / $116 gf
braised chicken over a mixture of ground beef & basmati rice. garnished with roasted almonds & served with yogurt
artichoke hearts $78 / $148 v, gf
stuffed with a roasted veggie medley, cooked in a garlic cream sauce, & garnished with roasted almonds
wheatberry gratin casserole $82 / $154
wheatberries cooked with chicken, vegetable medley, mozzarella cheese, & a garlic cream sauce
beef short ribs $98 / $186 gf
overnight braised short ribs cooked in red wine & vegetables, served with harissa
pomegranate-walnut chicken $82 / $154 gf
braised chicken baked & finished with a walnut
& pomegranate molasses sauce
beef moussaka eggplant $72 / $136 gf
italian eggplant stuffed with ground beef & baked in
tomato sauce
kafta potato casserole $86 / $160 gf
ground beef patties layered with tomato, potato, & baked
in tomato sauce

a dozen for $52 / additional skewers $4.5 a piece
kafta skewer gf
ground beef mixed with parsley & onion
chicken skewer gf
chicken with onion, bell pepper, & spiced mustard marinade
vegetable skewer gf
squash, tomato, bell pepper, mushroom, onion
ahi fish skewer gf
ahi tuna filet with lemon wedges, finished with za’atar spice
lamb skewer gf
lamb sirloin with onion

$250 gf
top-quality leg of lamb marinated with mirepoix,
fresh nutmeg, garlic, basil, slow cooked on the bone
served over basmati rice, garnished with grilled vegetables
& roasted almonds, served with homous, tabouli, & tzatziki
*ask about ordering a whole lamb feast for your event
48 hours requested

set up for guests to assemble their own sandwiches
or bowls, priced per person $13
homous, tahini, tomatoes, mixed greens, mint, parsley.
grilled pita included
choose from: lamb shawarma, chicken shawarma, falafel
premium add-ons +$1 / person
feta, tabouli, baba ghanouj, makalay, rice

each of the following is priced per piece with
a minimum order of 12 required
assorted baklava $1.5 v
flaky layered phyllo filled with walnuts or pistachios,
made with ghee & rosewater syrup
assorted halva $1.5 v, vg, gf
original, pistachio, & chocolate halva
mamoul $1.5 v
rose flavored semolina cookies with walnut or date filling
katayef $3 v
a small crepe filled with rose cream
kenafe b-jiban $60 v
serves 10-12 guests
fresh mozzarella with a semolina crust, baked & topped with pistachios & rose-water syrup. served warm with sweet pita

choose from 9” (serves 10-12) or 1/4 sheet (serves 20-25)
fig & walnut cake $35 / 65 v, gf
chopped fig and walnuts layered with brown butter cream
sfoof cake $35 / 65 v, gf
turmeric & anise yellow cake topped & layered with cardamom icing
citrus cake $35 / 65 v
zest of orange & lemon, topped with vanilla butter creme
chocolate cake $35 / 65 v
layered with chocolate mousse & topped with chocolate ganache
carrot cake $35 / 65 v
fresh carrots, cinnamon, walnut, & a cream cheese frosting

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